Pennsylvania Guernsey Juniors

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The Pennsylvania Junior Guernsey Breeders is open to any youth under the age of 21. Dues are a one time fee of $25.00. This is a lifetime membership.

Through your Junior membership you will have the opportunity to meet other young Guernsey breeders. Your membership will allow you the opportunity to develop leadership skills, promote the Guernsey breed and take on new responsibilities.

2022-2023 Junior Officers and Directors

President: Ashton Stiles
Vice- President: Renee Ealy
Secretary/ Treasurer: AJ Wanner

Directors at Large: Macy Hice, Andrew Bryan, AJ Wanner, Audrey Poole, Isaiah Baker, Isabella Baker, Breann Poole, Ben Pifer, Allie Snider, and Madalyn Hoffman

Advisor: Cassie Rassau
Phone: 724-730-4368

2023 Annual Meeting/ Contest

April 21, 2023

PA junior members at the 2021 National Guernsey Convention

2022 Junior Awards

Pennsylvania Guernsey Queen: MacKenzie Blatt
Outstanding Boy: Isaiah Baker
Outstanding Girl: Renee Ealy
Outstanding Youth: Kyle Bonavita
Senior Speech: 1st- Mackenzie Blatt
Intermediate Speech: 1st- Evan Espenshade, 2nd- Breann Poole
Junior Speech: 1st- Audrey Poole, 2nd-Isaiah Baker, 3rd- Isabella Baker
Senior Folding Display: None
Intermediate Folding Display: 1st- Breann Poole
Junior Folding Display: 1st- Landon Poole, 2nd- Andrew Bryan, 3rd- Claire Baker
Senior Quiz Bowl:
Gold: Madalyn Hoffman, AJ Wanner, Breann Poole and Isaiah Hoffman
Blue: Evan Espenshade, Renee Ealy, Cassidy Hunt and Andrew Blauser
Junior Quiz Bowl:
Gold: Larson Swan, Alexa Hoffman, Ethan Hoffman and Audrey Poole
Blue: Andrew Bryan, Alan Espenshade, Landon Poole and Haylee Blauser

2022 Junior All PA Winners

Spring Calf: Warwick Manor Drone Crimson-ET, Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
Winter Calf: Twin Brook Legend Tinsel, Jocelynn McMurray
Fall Calf: Paradise Acres Toby Nantuck-ET, Renee Ealy
Summer Yearling: Warwick Manor Drone Sadie, Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
Spring Yearling: Wariwick Manor Drone Sadie, Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
Winter Yearling: Sniders Bo Chrip, Allie Snider
Fall Yearling: Warwick Manor Ernie Jacey- Karli and Kolby Stoltzfus
Yearling in Milk: Green Slopes Haywire Nico, Macy Walason
Jr. 2 Year Old: Twincounty Pies Love Tap-ET, Landree Fraley
Sr. 2 Year Old: Twincounty Whats On Tap-ET, Landree Fraley
Jr. 3 Year Old: Sniders Rebel Adelee-ETV, Bella Gable
Sr. 3 Year Old: Knapps Mission Twilight, Aiden McMurray
4 Year Old: Sniders G Dirty Betcha- Allie Snider
5 Year Old: Villa Crest Marvel Sayre- Macy Walason and Samantha Plocher
6 Year Old & Over: Hi Field Big Ben Blossom, Macy Walason

2022 Junior Production Awards

Yearling in Milk, Fat and Protein: Warwick Manor Axel Peachy, Karli Stoltzfus
1-11 27,174M 1518F 5.6%F 858P 3.2%P
2yr Old Milk, Fat and Protein: Warwick Manor Clark Ashley, Karl and Kobly Stoltzfus
2-3 23,363M 1,408F 6.0%F, 760P, 3.3%P
3yr Old Milk, Fat and Protein: Dix Lee Mozier Alymo Desire-ETV, Kobly Stoltzfus
3-4 22,017M 1,380F 6.3%F 803P 3.6%P
4yr Old Milk and Fat: Warwick Manor Senator Braylin, Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
4-6 29,343M 1,980F 6.7%F 993P 3.4%P
4yr Old Protein: Warwick Manor Miss America, Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
4-1 28,693M 1549F 5.4%F 1019P 3.6%P
5yr Old Milk, Fat and Protien: Knapps TAF Spider Jadarae, Karli Stoltzfus
5-9 34,564M 2536F 7.3%F 1228P 3.6%P
6yr Old and older Fat and Protein: Warwick Manor Chris Carly, Karli Stoltzfus
7-3 21,016M 1,159F 5.5%F 779P 3.7%P

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