Annual Meeting & State Banquet

Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders Annual Meeting

Location: Quality Inn Bedford
Address: 4407 Business US-220, Bedford, PA 15522

Pennsylvania Guernsey Breeders Banquet

Location: American Legion Bedford
Address: 3721 US-220 BUS, Bedford, PA 15522

RSVP will be required.
Please contact, David Trotter- Business Manager, with any question and to submit RSVPs.
(724) 923-9611- Cell
214 Martin School Rd
Enon Valley, PA 16120

Adult Award Winners

Hall Of Fame

2022– Marta Merchant & Dale Oliver
2021- Troy Hill
2019- Melissa Kohler
2017-Dave Smith and Mike & Cindy Weimer
2016- Sherrill Wiley & Dr. Beth Clark
2012- Marilyn Hill
2009- Brad and Berneta Gable
2007- Wade White
2006- Ruth Ann John
2005- Patty & John McMurray
2004- Mary Lou & Jim Trotter
2003- John Morrow Family
2001- Bud Hamilton
2000- Allen Smith and Mercer Northwest Guernsey
1999- Robert Smith & Herbert Guyer
1998- Janet Harding Rieslavage
1997- Scott & Elsie Wolff
1996- Calvin Mauser, William Juzi and John Blyholder
1995- Lee Yost and Albert Hack

2022 Production Awards

High Herd for Milk, Fat & Protein
Warwick Manor Farms
21,591 M 6.0% F 1,285F 3.4% P 734 P

2yr Old Milk, Fat and Protein: Warwick Manor Axel Peachy
305 27,174M 1518F 5.6%F 858P 3.2%P
3yr Old Milk and Protein: Walnut Corner GD Kiss- Ray and Kay Lindsey and Kevin Stoltzfus
36,357M 2138F 5.9%F 1070P 3.8%P
3yr Old Fat: Femara Sweetpea- Dr. Piskorowski
28,352M 2278F 8%F 1070P 3.8%P
4yr Old Milk: Hollow View Senator Senora- Elsie Wolff
31,732M 1445F 4.6%F 958P 3.0%P
4yr Old Fat: Warwick Manor Senator Braylin- Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
29,343M 1980F 6.8%F 993P 2.4%P
4yr Old Protein: Warwick Manor Miss America- Karli and Kobly Stoltzfus
28693M 1549F 5.4%F 1019P 3.6%P
5yr Old Milk, Fat and Protien: Knapps TAF Spider Jadarae- Karli Stoltzfus
34,564M 2536F 7.3%F 1228P 3.6%P
6yr Old and older Fat and Protein: Rutter Bros Bspruce Lucky Charm- Rutter Bros
27,831M 1877F 6.7%F 962P 3.5%P

2022 All PA Winners

Spring Calf: Oakland Ernies Pierson- Cara Stephenson
Winter Calf: Hearts Desire Alymo Pizazz- Donnette Fisher
Fall Calf: Keims Rons Kaila- Friendship Farm and Warwick Manor Farm
Summer Yearling: Twin Brook Gabe Armani- Jason, May and David Henisee
Spring Yearling: Oakland Drones Frankie-TW- Cody Stephenson
Winter Yearling: Dix-Lee Gladheart Fiona-ET- Ed Crossland
Fall Yearling: Warwick Manor Ernie Jacey- Karli and Kolby Stoltzfus
Jr. 2 Year Old: Twincounty Pies Love Tap-ET= Landree Fraley
Sr. 2 Year Old: Sniders HP GG Astonishing-ETV- Hillpoint, Snider Homestead and Daniel Basse
Jr. 3 Year Old: Sniders Doc Higgins- Eion Snider
Sr. 3 Year Old: Still Dreamn Designer Boutique- Mark Krstanovic
4 Year Old: Sniders G Dirty Betcha- Allie Snider
5 Year Old: Villa Crest Marvel Sayre- Macy Walason and Samantha Plocher
6 Year Old & Over: Sniders Grumpy Anita- Kendy Beth Gable
Production Cow: Rocky Hill Prada Holiday- Rocky Hill Farm

Jim Trotter Award

To receive this award you must be the breeder of a class winner at all three national shows (Expo, All- American, and NAILE).

This award is sponsored in the name of Jim Trotter to honor his hard work and dedication to the Guernsey breed. Jim Trotter is from Trot Acre Farm in Enon Valley, PA. Over the years they have had numerous All American’s and nominations. Jim and his family have had a huge impact in Guernsey breed in and out of the show ring. Jim is one of the biggest supports of the Blue Halter Sale and is a major part of selecting quality cattle for the sale. You we always see Jim’s smiling face at the side of the arena at ever show.